Hi, my name is Mike and I am an old timer who has been hunting and shooting since I was a young buck. Shooting has always been a part of mine and my family’s lives

Being in law enforcement, my dad thought it important to teach me to shoot at an early age. His first and major rule was safety. He closely supervised my shooting activities until I was nine years old.

At that point he felt I was competent enough to be trusted alone in a deer stand with a Remington 742 chambered for 30.06. I didn’t get my deer until the following year but I was hooked on hunting and shooting forever.

I am now 64 years old and have been shooting competitively and for fun all of my life. Throughout, I have enjoyed competing in all shooting disciplines from IDPA to rifle silhouette, to 3d archery, just shooting at the range with friends on the weekends, or hunting just about every North American game animal I can think of. I guess you could say hunting and shooting is my thing.

I am a certified NRA instructor and RSO at my local range and still shoot competitively at the amateur level in many disciplines.

I have learned a ton about how to get better at shooting games and have a lot of friends that usually know what I don’t. I love reviewing and testing new products on the market and making recommendations on which I think are the best for all situations.

I am ready to pass mine and my friends combined several centuries of knowledge along to you while just having fun writing about my favorite subject.

Now, being retired, I have more time to pursue my passion and have decided to build this website – Shooter’s Den – which is intended to pass my knowledge and enjoyment of shooting rimfires along to others who share the same passion.

At Shooter’s Den you will find information and articles intended to help you become better at whatever discipline becomes your favorite, or if you are like me….all of them.

From the latest gunsmithing tricks for accuracy to instruction on how to improve your shooting technique to reviews of the latest rifles, pistols, bows, and air guns on the market and my recommendation on which will best fit your needs to new accessories that add value to the shooting experience, you will find the information you are looking for here.

Even if you are not the ultimate competitor, hunter, or shooter, you will find information that will help you get more enjoyment at your local range with your friends, during hunting season at the camp, or hanging around the local gun shop. After all isn’t that what the shooting sports and hunting are all about? Join your friends and get on the Shooter’s Den train. The ride starts here.