What is the most powerful 22 lr ammo?

Of all the 22 lr cartridges on the market, the two that deliver the highest velocities at the time of this writing, as well as the highest energy at 100 yards is the the Aguila Supermax and the CCI Stinger.

If power is measured in feet per second, and / or energy delivered at 100 yards, the Aguila Super Maximum. Aguila claims this bullet will exit the muzzle of a rifle at slightly over 1700 fps. This is approaching 22 wmr ranges.

The CCI stinger is next at slightly over 1600 fps with a 32 grain bullet. Out to 100 yards bullet performance is close between the two with the Aguila Supermax delivering slightly more than 100 lbs

Ballistic gel tests comparing both cartridge’s performance shows that the Aguila Super Maximum does deliver a more substantial wound cavity due to the higher speed and explosiveness of the light 30 grain bullet.

From an accuracy standpoint I have had no luck with Aguila Super Max. Grouping is erratic out of my rifles and pistols both. I bought about 4 bricks of this stuff when it first hit the market and I still have most of it. I just haven’t found any rifle that it shoots well from.

I think it has something to do with barrel twist vs the weight of the bullet at 32 grains and it’s speed. I have even seen evidence of tumbling at as close as 25 yards. There may be a custom barrel twist that can handle this stuff better than my rifles but at this point I haven’t found one.

There is much more accurate 22 ammo out there. Aguila’s price is competitive within the market and it’s pretty easy to find if you want to try some. I have also never been able to get any of my rifles to shoot the CCI stinger really well either.

Again, I think it is just that your normal 22 rifle is not made for bullets at this speed. Instead of going with either one of these cartridges for hunting, The high vs hyper velocity stuff is much more accurate. The hyper velocity ammo is all over the board, and out of some of my rifles is not accurate enough to hunt with in my opinion.

I am a shooter who is all about accuracy. Not only on the range, but in the field as well. The last thing I want to do is make an inhumane shot on an animal.

The high velocity ammo is much more accurate than hyper velocity out of my rifles but when you examine expansion in ballistic gel, it is not really that impressive.

A hunting round should show maximum expansion to allow a fast kill. I find the jacketed bullets, whether hollow point or not, do not exhibit good expansion characteristics at rim fire bullet speeds.

That brings us back to the old saying ” what matters most is bullet placement”. I can promise you that a standard velocity bullet in the right spot will perform much better than a faster bullet, of the same design, anywhere else.

I shoot CCI standard velocity in all of my rifles whether hunting or target shooting. I don’t have to worry about bullet expansion on squirrels or anything else when I make a head shot. I’ll leave it up to you to make your own decision.

If you want to give the Aguila a try, check it out here at Cabela’s.