Best predator calls for coyotes

When you are looking for the best of any product it’s always a good idea to see which model or brand is most like by the people who have already purchased an used it. The list you will see below are the best electronic game callers as defined by hunters who have purchased and used them in the field.

The Top 5 electronic game callers below are the top 5 sellers on Amazon. This means they were purchased more than any other similar product more often and by more people. A summary of their general feedback will be included for each listing along with number of consumer reviews and customer satisfaction rating.

This post is designed to make sure:

  1. You get the right caller for your needs
  2. You get the best product for your money

For those of you who are in a hurry, here are the consumer picks in their order of preference. More detail on each is provided below.

  1. Icotec Gen 2 GC300
  2. Primos Dogg Trap E-Caller
  3. iHunt Ultimate Electronic Game Call & Bluetooth Speaker Combo
  4. Icotec GEN2 GC350 Programmable
  5. FOXPRO Deadbone

#1 Consumer Rated – Icotec GEN2 GC300

The NEW and highly improved GEN2 GC300 Electronic Predator Call offers an outstanding value when it comes to quality, performance and ease of use. ICOtec has improved on one of the most sold models in the electronic game calling industry. Practical features that lead to better results – that nearly anyone can afford.

Calls include: Cottontail Distress Jack Rabbit Distress Coyote Pup Distress Fawn Distress Woodpecker Distress Crow Distress Raccoon Pup Distress Gray Fox Distress Coyote Female Coyote Male Coyote Yip/Howl Bobcat Adult,

  • 300-yard remote range
  • Play two sounds simultaneously
  • NEW call pause button (Pause and restart where the sound left off.)
  • 12 professional quality audio calls (The best multi-species sounds.)
  • NEW ON/OFF backlit buttons for night hunting
  • NEW tripod mount
  • Volume reaches further without additional speaker
  • NEW Decoy activation/deactivation button on remote
  • Tremendous battery life (Still leading the industry here!)
  • The Caller requires 4-AA batteries, the remote requires 1-A23 battery. BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED
  • Total customer reviews = 1246
  • Customer satisfaction rating = 4.5 out of 5
  • Top seller on Amazon

Comments from consumers

  1. External speaker jack on rear
  2. The speaker diameter is approx. 3-1/4-inches. I “called” last winter at about 100-yards; the call sounds are clean and the remote unit works surprisingly well at that distance. One nice feature is the unit will pause it’s calls at intervals you might expect from prey; calls/cries are not at a constant rate.
  3. You can change all the sounds by the remote and there all labled too. Its digital so no tape. It has its own timer and plays for 5 min then pauses for a short time before it goes again. Its fairly loud as is but it has a jack to add an extra speaker if you want. Great item for the price.

Price at time of writing $89.99

#2 Consumer Rated – Primos Dogg Trap E-Caller

  • Rotating no distortion speaker.
  • Electronic predator call with 36 sounds and 4 preprogrammed expert hunts.
  • Each Expert Hunt features a 10- to 20-minute call sequence for attracting animals
  • Produces long-reaching, ultra-realistic frequency ranges to maximize sound projection
  • Easy-to-use remote with 150-yard range; includes USB port for downloading sounds
  • Turbo-charged 25-watt amplifier and rotating distortion-free speaker; audio-out port

Total customer reviews = 236

Customer satisfaction rating = 4.0 out of 5

Comments from consumers

  1. Warranty is 1 year from original date of purchase
  2. Will call a coyote from 500 to 700 yards or more.
  3. I actually bought gold dollar AA batteries 16 for $4.35 and have hunted 3 weekends for 2 hours a day and my remote says 97% and I checked my caller batteries and they registered 93% this call is easy on batteries or dollar store gold.
  4. Preloaded calls are rabbit, jack rabbit (baby, young, and adult) distress and agitated. cotton tail (baby, young, and adult) distress. coyote (Challenge, locator, whimper, distress kiyi, pup distress). deer (fawn distress), racoon (fight and distress). bird ( multiple types distress). bobcat, mountain lion, domestic animals (cat, chickens, turkeys distress).

Price at time of writing $123.31

#3 Consumer Rated – iHunt Ultimate Electronic Game Call

  • AFFORDABLE – The iHunt Ultimate Game Call App & Bluetooth Speaker Combo (EDIHGC) delivers more for less money. Not only are you getting an App with 750 calls but helpful: Solunar Times, Activity Log, GPS locator, weather forecast and more.
  • SOUND QUALITY – The iHunt Ultimate Game Call & Bluetooth Speaker Combo delivers crystal clear animal sounds for the avid animal watcher or hunter. The iHunt mobile App has over a million downloads and many thousands user success photos to stand behind.
  • EASY TO USE – Perfect for the expert or beginner, no complicated programming is needed to operate this unit. The unique playlist features to let you set up your sequence before going to the field.
  • RUGGED SPEAKER – Built for the outdoors it is weather resistant with coated speakers and quality circuitry. Hang the speaker from a tree or camouflage on the ground and the 115-decibel speaker will do the rest.
  • WIDE RANGE OF ANIMALS – At the tip of your fingers you’ll have 59 species of animals and 750 individual calls all controlled by your Android or iPhone’s Bluetooth connection. Create call playlists without needing a computer or time-consuming downloads.SIMPLE
  • OPERATION – Just download the App with the free download code, unlock the calls, turn on your speaker and connect your phone by Bluetooth, set your speaker up to 50 yards away and start hunting.
  • TRUSTED NAME – iHunt and Cass Creek have 20 years of trusted; reliable game calls and the first to create a quality hunting App/Speaker.*Bluetooth needs to be in the line of sight to your speaker and it helps to get your speaker off the ground for a reliable connection.
  • Price at time of writing $139.99

Total customer reviews = 131
Customer satisfaction rating = 4.0 out of 5

Comments from consumers

  1. Works without an internet connection. Use with phone on airplane settings otherwise any incoming calls will be blasted from the speaker.
  2. Call has over 20 crow calls which is great. Crows learn very quickly and it’s nice to be able to give them something different.
  3. The calls include multiple types of rabbits, squirrels and lot’s of crow calls. There are over fifty animal species on the calls and over 700 calls. They keep adding more calls at no cost to those who own the caller!

Price at time for writing $53.49

#4 Consumer Rated – Icotec GEN2 GC350 Programmable Game Call

The NEW GEN2 GC350 offers an outstanding remote technology, up to 300 yards with no line-of sight required to activate the main speaker unit. The ability for a hunter to remain still and camouflaged the best they can is crucial to being more successful at hunting keen predators.

The remote control also has the ability to activate an electronic decoy that can plug into the main speaker unit, giving the hunter another edge over the predator. Suggested product ICOtec AD400 or PD200 decoy. Programmability is made easy .

All calls are loaded and played directly from a standard size Class 4 SD Media Card. Any custom audio file saved as a .mp3 or a .wav (16 bit or less) file format can be played. ICOtec has an exclusive FREE audio call library that is accessible from our website.

All free calls are encrypted and playable only by an ICOtec programmable caller.

The unit requires 4 AA (1.5 volt batteries) and the remote requires one 23A 12 volt battery. BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED. USB connection cable is included. Windows PC computer downloads recommended.
Light weight, compact, easy to operate, fantastic quality audio calls, very long range remote, low power consumption and one of the lowest prices available for a great programmable call.

Total customer reviews = 141
Customer satisfaction rating = 4.5 out of 5

Comments from consumers

  1. None of the calls that come standard are designed to call in a hawk. There’s an owl and crow fight that may interest one. If you’re trying to run a hawk away from a bird feeder where a hawk is feed in on your small birds, I’d suggest a plastic owl to peg close by. The songbirds will quickly learn to ignore it while a hawk would tend to shy away from it.
  2. any downloaded .mp3 or .wav file can be put on the caller SD card, just remember to put the number in front of the original file name, example – “hog-call.mp3” needs to be renamed “001 hog-call.mp3”. This corresponds to the numbers on the remote control unit. It is very easy, just a little time consuming to setup if you have several dozen calls.
  3. the 350 will not play two sounds at the same time
  4. Can I record my own calls on this unit? Yes, you will need to get another SD card, and can download 24 more sounds.

Price at time of writing $139.99

FOXPRO Deadbone American Made Electronic Predator Call

  • The dead bone is an entry-level caller with high quality FOXPRO technology at an affordable price.
  • It comes standard with 15 high quality FOXPRO sounds and the ability to play two sounds at once.
  • Rugged ABS housing, which is lightweight and offers maximum portability.
  • Features a single high-efficiency horn speaker that delivers a crystal-clear, high quality sound.
  • Pilot lamp/low battery indicator that glows green while on, and blinks when batteries are getting low.
  • Operates on 4 AA alkaline or rechargeable batteries. The remote gives you remote control of 15 sound selections, mute, volume, power on/off, and an add button to play 2 sounds at once.
  • Remote operates on a 9 volt battery. A.

Total customer reviews = 66
Customer satisfaction rating = 4.5 out of 5

Comments from consumers

  • The caller maxes out at 109.3 decibels with the Jackrabbit sound. All of the sounds (except vole squeaks) surpassed 107 dB, with most in the mid 108 dB range.
  • This call does not have an auxiliary port for an additionl speaker.
  • The sounds are very accurate first rate!
  • I have been up to 70 yards from it and it works great. Wish it had a speaker plug on it. Not as loud as I thought it would be… love it though.
  • You cannot download new sounds on this one.

Price at time of writing $79.99