Best Rimfire for Groundhogs

If you enjoy relaxed hunting with a rifle and getting several shots per session, small varmint hunting can be a help to land owners, very good practice for larger game, and more fun than catching fish in a barrel.

Groundhogs are easy to hunt from one fixed, and comfortable position. It doesn’t require hiking for miles to get to the best places. You can usually drive right up to the area and even hunt out of your truck if you so desire, while sipping on a cup of hot coffee.

You can make the shots as challenging or as easy as you want. They aren’t very smart. Just stay far enough away that they move around often can’t directly see you.

Best rifle

Although rimfire rifles may not be able to perform at ultra long distances like some of the big bore calibers, taking pests like groundhogs out to 200 yards is still a super fun challenge. The 17 hmr is a great choice for this work. It is super accurate within this range and packs a wallop that quickly dispatches the prey.

You can easily take them using a 22 lr but quick clean kills require a good head shot which can be hard to do when the action is fast. A 17 HMR will take them out quickly so you can move on to the next shot. When combined with a hollow point or explosive tip bullet such as the CCI 20 grain gamepoint exiting the muzzle at around 2550 fps you have a combination that teaches groundhogs who is boss.

If you are one who plans to eat the animals you harvest, this round might not be the best choice as it will do considerable damage. If varmint control is your objective this roun provides kills that are quick and clean.

How to hunt groundhogs

The key to the game is finding a concentration of pests, then setting up in a position that will cover most of the action area while giving the most open shot over and over. It is usually not necessary to camo up as mosts pests won’t be paying attention to anything outside of the feeding area.

Just set up in the position you have picked, get comfortable in a position that allows an accurate shot and wait for the action to begin. Getting permission from landowners to ground hog hunt their property is usually unbelievably easy.

These things dig huge holes next to foundation poles and slabs and burrow underneath them causing weakness and eventual collapse of the structure.

Some landowners might even pay you to eliminate these pests, or at least be glad to let you hunt for free. The videos below were created by Team Zombie-Predator Reapers. It takes you through his hunt where ground hogs have infiltrated two old barns and are playing havoc with the structures.

If you enjoyed the videos check out Team Zombie’s Youtube channel for more hunting and shooting action.

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The Predator Tactics coyote light he used to retrieve the whistle pig in the second video can be found here.