What is an NRL 22 match

If you haven’t yet competed in a National Rifle League, or NRL 22 match, and you love to shoot 22 rifles for precision at distance, you are missing out on a ton of fun. If you aren’t familiar with the NRL, they are the same guys who govern the NRL big bore competitions based in California. Here is their charter.

The goal of the NRL 22 is to make Tactical Rifle shooting more available to every community. … The monthly course of fire, NRL 22 Standard Target Package and standard barricades are all intended to be turnkey solutions to simple, fun and affordable Precision 22 Rifle matches.

Although the big bore tactical matches are the main draw, the NRL understood that the fastest growing sport of long range shooting needed to include the everyday guy who doesn’t have thousands to invest in equipment and unlimited time to travel the country to attend matches.

They have now developed rules, guidelines, and monthly designs for the field of fire for participating clubs around the country. The stages change every month but are identical through all participating clubs. Any club can join and participate in this endeavor.

Any individual may also join NRL in order to rank nationally and with great performance end up invited to shoot with other winners from around the country. Michael Ryan below does a fantastic job of answering most of the questions a person new to the game might have.

This is a very organized endeavor with very clear rules, and all other information you might need on their website. For more details on anything NRL 22 click here To give you a little more insight into the game, below is a video of 243 outdoors training for his first NRL 22 match in Indiana.

The video below follows 243 outdoors through his first match and captures his comments and opinion on how it went.

Here is just a little footage of a typical NRL 22 match just to wet your appetite. Contact NRL at the website above to find a match closest to you or to get more details of getting your local club involved. All you need is 100 yards with a backstop, a club membership, and a few items purchased from NRL22.

If you are ever planning to move up to big bore competition, I can’t think of any better place to start. Have a great time shooting rimfires!